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Wang Wen: Quixotic US paranoid to flex power

"No Cold War" campaign has turned into an international movement attracting attention from millions of people. This shows the number of peace lovers around the world is increasing. Wang Wen

Panel: Is China really facing a demographic time bomb?

Djoomart Otorbaev: Rethinking sovereign debt restructuring: Global green solution Djoomart Otorbaev

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  • 【2021-5-15】International webinar: China, USA and Brazil’s quest for an independent foreign policy

    No Cold War and the Tricontinental Institute invites you to join our international webinar discussing ‘China, USA and Brazil’s quest for an independent foreign policy. The event is taking place on Saturday 15 May 2021 at 9AM EDT / 10AM BRT / 2PM BST / 9PM CT.

  • Sustainable Recovery for a Green Future

    Climate change, energy transition and sustainable growth are long-standing global challenges. Today they are made even more crucial by the Covid-induced crisis which is urging to find the right balance between the much-needed global recovery and environmental targets. What are the key ingredients of a truly sustainable recovery? How to make this recovery even more consistent with the Paris Agreement objectives? What contribution can be expected from key countries? And what to expect from multilateral efforts and in particular from the Italian G20 in 2021?