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John Ross: Chinese Investors Likely to Win UK`s High-speed Rail Project




By John Ross    Source: CRI    Published: 2015-10-17


It is being reported Chinese rail giant CRRC is going to join the bidding for Britain`s second high-speed railway project.

The plan is to link London with the northern British city of Birmingham.

The UK parliament has already approved the first stage of the line`s construction, which is set to start in 2017.

It`s a project said to be worth 10`s of billions of dollars.

For more on the possibility of China`s involvement in the project, and the economic ties between China and the UK, CRI`s Wang Mengzhen spoke earlier with John Ross, senior fellow with the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University.

John Ross is a senior fellow at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China.


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