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Wang Wen interviewed by CCTV on G20 summit`s achievements


Wang Wen, Executive Dean of Chingyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China, talked about G20 Summit`s achievements this year at the studio interview of CCTV on Sep.4th.



The G20 leaders have high expectations on the Summit and the policy-making process, and the Summit united the world leadership as a family, Wang said.

In terms of BRICS leadership, the BRICS leaders sit together for they had interest in common. In the Summit, the leaders will show their designs and their goals.

Wang noted that the communication this year will be more successful and fruitful. More issues about development have been added into the agenda. Lots of countries expect China to make contribution, which makes China more important. China`s special economic experience could provide another model to the world, especially the developing countries. Even some articles in the US suggest that the US should learn from China.

The structural reform is also a issue for the Summit, Wang said. In the past half of the year, China`s reform focused on demand side. Now the reform is about to focus on supply side. We should change the economic structure, and in the international economy we still should change the structure of the global economy as well.


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