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RDCY invited to visit three Latin America countries


The delegation members pose  for a photo with Former Chilean President Frey


Invited by China Public Diplomacy Association, Wang Wen, the Executive Dean of RDCY visited Chile, Ecuador and Peru in Latin America from Oct. 22 to 30, attended over ten events there, publicized Chinese current economic situation, and made lots of friends in Latin America to enhance the relationship between China and Latin America.


Led by the ambassador Hu Zhengyue, Vice President of China Public Diplomacy Association, the delegation included Executive Director of the China Public Diplomacy Association Shen Zhiliang, former ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Columbia Wang Xiaoyuan, former ambassador to Peru Huang Minhui, Deputy Secretary General of China Public Diplomacy Association Huo Ying, Deputy Chief Editor of Shi Ding, professor of the Central Conservatory of Music, the famous violinist Xue Wei, ethnomusicologist An Ping, famous CCTV host Jing Yidan, famous writer Zheng Yuan Jie, Su Cen, master Yancan, etc..


The delegation got high-level reception and warm welcome. Former Chilean President Frey, 2nd Vice President of Peruvian Congress Acuña, and former foreign minister Gutierrez met with key members of the delegation. The delegation also held the China-Chile, China-Ecuador and China-Peru think tanks dialogue and seminars with Catholic University of Chile, Ecuador Advanced Research Institute, University of the Pacific, University of Parma in Peru, exchanged their views on the major issues. The delegation also organized several cultural and music lecture in Santiago, Quito, Lima, attracting a lot of local people to join and promoting their favorable impression for China.  

In addition, the delegation visited and surveyed several embassies and Chinese funded enterprises located in the three countries and finished an investigation report.

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