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Liu Zhiqin interviewed by CCTV on deepening reform of China




Liu Zhiqin, a senior fellow at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies of Renmin University of China, was interviewed by CCTV on  deepening reform of China on Oct.27.




Q: Deepening reform and opening up are the major items on the agenda for the CPC`s Sixth Plenary meeting. What can we expect at this time?  

A: I think we have many things to expect. The economic issue is the major problem for this plenary session. Xi already told the whole party and the whole world that they should take actions to keep reform further at the G20 meeting. China should do the first to take actions on the economic reform.

Secondly we should strengthen the party governance now. Because if we talk about governance of the government , the first pre-condition is to increase the capability of the party’s governance. How to reform the party and How to train the party members to make them to be the model of the public. Only in this way that our party can play a core role in leading the whole country to realize its dreams. In these two areas, we can expect something more.

Q: How do we avoiding the systematic risks in opening up?

A: We must pay more attention to two points. One is that the policy makers should be very careful to set up our target of the reform. The second is that we should build very profound supervision system to supervise all the party members to implement the tasks, and the party discipline should should always supervise all the party members. This is very important to avoid any possible systematic risks during the reform.

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