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Liu Zhiqin: New era plus new shared globalization


By Liu Zhiqin    Source:CGTN    Published: 2017-11-8

General Secretary Xi Jinping has addressed his concept of “New Era” during the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. This new conclusion on today`s status is very important for us, as this "New Era" will tell you many interesting stories which are attractive to the world.

Firstly, this "New Era" has "Chinese character" as its label. China has become the second largest economy and is also on the road to be one of the strongest countries of the world. China is facing its historical moment, from "being rich" transfers to "being strong" not only in economic sense but also in political, scientific and educational fields. No doubt that this transfer will have great impact on the global affairs and the most important fact is that China will bring the whole world into a "New Era", China is now doing best to realize her dreams as to lead the whole nation to be prosperous within a short time limit.

Secondly, the “New Era” needs a new concept to reshape the “globalization”. The “old globalization” was focusing on industrialization in developing countries like in China at high cost of worsening the environment conditions. This must be changed, thus why China has tried to lead the “new globalization” processing in global climate improvement for a “beautiful China”. Actually the future of “new globalization” will be definitely striving for a “beautiful world” which is the common goal of the whole world.

Thirdly, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made it up clear to build "a shared future of mankind". In order to fulfill this mission, we have to build "a shared globalization with individual characters". This "shared globalization" means it is equal to all nations to maintain their own characters while developing economy.

The key reason for China to have a great rising during the past 38 years is that China keeps its characters while implementing its globalization process. This is very important and crucial to the success of "shared globalization" by keeping own different characters which will give us a "colorful global economy". General Secretary Xi Jinping`s Belt and Road Initiative makes it possible to a "shared globalization with individual character" and will ensure a "sustainable globalization".

We are confident to say that China will become an overall wealth society by 2035 and will march into an all-round modernized country by middle of this century.

The author is a senior fellow of the Chongyang Institute for financial studies of Renmin University.

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