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Liu Zhiqin: More wisdom needed for APEC cooperation


By Liu Zhiqin    Source: CGTN    Published: 2017-11-9

At the beginning of winter in Beijing, people are feeling a warm front from the US, ushered in by the "state visit-plus" of President Donald Trump. Trump has an itinerary that has made breaking news for the world’s media.

We can be very optimistic about the possibility of China and the US resolving their disagreements in trade relations, economic cooperation and other hot-button topics. Those who were pessimistic about relations between the world’s two biggest economies, including those who predicted a trade war, have been confounded by the long list of contracts and agreements signed during Trump’s short visit.

This successful and fruitful visit will tell the whole world that a new page has been turned in Sino-US relations at the start of what CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping labelled a “new era” for global politics during the 19th CPC congress. This will definitely create momentum to boost the world economy, and it shows that the leaders of China and the US have the wisdom to deal with all their differences.

So it sends very positive signals to the global community and APEC members that dialogue and consultation can be the only tool to handle disputes.

With the APEC Economic Leaders` Meeting set to be hosted by Vietnam, people will be especially interested to see the progress made by China and the US. It sets the tone for the summit, signaling that more wisdom is needed to create economic integration in this region.

Since we are entering a "new era", we need "new wisdom" to solve "old disputes".

There needs to be mutual understanding to show tolerance and acceptance of individual countries’ concerns and interests in development, and to try to help each other realize common goals. Maintaining each country’s own national character while developing economically is the core interest of all countries – this is the baseline for all APEC members.

We need equal and fair conditions to benefit all APEC countries. Policies need to be coordinated and protectionism avoided.

The American Dream has been joined by “the Chinese Dream” in rhetorical parlance recently – and surely every population has its own such aspirations to be prosperous and happy. So we have no reason not to coordinate local policies. Only when the whole region becomes rich and peaceful can every single member enjoy common prosperity.

More open markets, more open minds and more open policies – these will be the main stones of achieving success with APEC building. Nobody can live isolated from the neighbors, we have to stay together to strive for a better world, and APEC will contribute much to sustainable development for the next decade.

China and the US are sure to become the best partners to unite all countries to realize their "dreams".

The author is a senior fellow of Chongyang Institute at Financial Studies of Renmin University of China.

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