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Former Slovenian President Danilo Türk visits BFSU and gives lecture


On March 26, Danilo Türk, former Slovenian President and non-resident senior fellow of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China (RDCY), visited Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) and met with BFSU’s President Peng Long, after which he  gave a lecture on the theme “Europe and China at the time of Belt and Road Initiative”.

President Peng introduced the overall situation of the university and the cultivating of non-common languages. He stated that BFSU opened the only Slovenian language teaching center in China as early as in 2009 and will recruit the first batch of undergraduate students this year. Dr. Türk highly affirmed the work of BFSU for teaching and scientific research on Slovenian language, and stated that he and the Slovenian Embassy will continue to strongly support BFSU’s  construction on Slovenian language.

In his lecture, Dr. Türk said that the "Belt and Road initiative" proposed by Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping has a great significance on global transformation and will certainly inject new impetus into the development of China-EU relations. After the lecture, Dr. Türk also conducted an interaction with the teachers and students on the topics such as China-EU economic cooperation, European integration, and Slovenia’s foreign policy.

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