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RUC delegation visits Iran for universities and think tanks cooperation


As the leading think tank to jointly build “Belt and Road” through the cooperation of the official and academic organizations between China and Iran, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies of Renmin University of China (RDCY) organized a 6-member delegation of RUC to investigate universities and think tanks of Iran on October 22-24, 2018. During the visit, the delegation held the 2nd think tank dialogue with the Iranian Institute of Politics and International Studies (IPIS), which was affiliated to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Following the dialogue, the delegation investigated a number of Iranian universities, think tanks and related institutions, and conducted wide-ranging and in-depth exchanges on the topics such as the latest situation of Iran under the new round of US sanctions against Iraq, China-Iran relations, China-Iran cooperation under the “Belt and Road”, Sino-Iranian higher education cooperation, and the cooperation on the Silk Road School project.

The delegation was led by Du Peng, vice president of Renmin University of China (RUC), and members included Wang Wen, executive dean of RDCY and deputy dean of Silk Road School, Zhang Damiao, deputy director of the International Exchange Department of RUC, Wang Yu, Director of the International Development Section of RUC, Yang Qingqing, Assistant dean of RDCY and Zhang Haoyun, assistant research fellow of RDCY.

Mr. Wang Wen (L, 3rd), Executive Dean of the RDCY and Mr. Seyed Mohammd Kazem Sajjadpour (R, 3rd), President of the IPIS, pose for a photo.

The second China-Iranian think tank dialogue was held in IPIS.

On October 22nd, co-organized by the RDCY and IPIS, the second China-Iranian think tank dialogue was held in Iran. IPIS President Seyed Mohammd Kazem Sajjadpour and more than 20 Iranian former ambassadors, officials and senior researchers, shared their views with the members of the delegation on the progress of the Iranian nuclear agreement, China-Iran cooperation, current situation of the Middle East and the "Belt and Road" .

Wang Wen said that RDCY, as the leading think tank on the research of Sino-Iranian cooperation under the "Belt and Road", has always been committed to promoting the exchanges between China and Iran in policy communication and people to people exchange. In the future, RDCY will continue to play the role of advising the government and serving the public, providing  decision-making reference for the further deepening of Sino-Iranian relations. The Iran side expressed gratitude to the RDCY for its outstanding contribution to China-Iran cooperation and expected to have more and closer humanities exchanges between the two countries.

Then, the delegation visited two typical Iranian think tanks, namely the Institute of Iran Eurasian Studies (IRAS) and Faculty of World Studies (FWS) at Tehran University successively, and exchanged their views on the the situation of Iran and the Middle East, China-Iran relations, Eurasian cooperation, regional conflicts and other topics. The two sides jointly supported efforts to strengthen cooperation and research, build more dialogue platforms for China-Iran exchanges, expand Sino-Iranian cultural exchanges in all fields and at all levels, and enhance mutual understanding and friendly exchanges.

Wang Wen introduces RUC's Silk Road School to the IRAS.

Du Peng, Vice President of RUC, meets with the representatives of FWS at Tehran University.

Based on the exchange of think tanks, the research group was seeking to further expand the  Sino-Iranian higher education cooperation between the two countries and enhance the academic cooperation of the universities, and strengthen the training of talents for Iran so as to foster the foundation of Sino-Iranian cooperation.

On October 23, led by Du Peng, the delegation visited the University of Tehran, which was known as the "Mother of Iran University", and was warmly welcomed by the President Mahmoud Nili Ahmadabdi. President Du introduced the basic situation and academy advantages of RUC, and highlighted the think tank research, international exchanges, and the newly established Silk Road School. President of Tehran University said that the two Universities have great similarities and he expressed interests in student exchanges, Silk Road School, and international summer school of RUC. The two sides have made plans for further deepening cooperation. After the meeting, the delegation visited the Library and Documentation Center of the University and exchanged their views on cooperation in publishing and data management.

Group photo for the delegation and the president of Tehran University(C).

On October 24, the delegation visited Shahid Beheshti University, known as the former National University of Iran, which is one of the most prestigious universities in Iran. The university attaches great importance to the construction of disciplines related to China. It has set up the School of Chinese language and has a number of Chinese teaching programs, enrolling many students to study at present. At the same time, in order to actively respond to China's Belt and Road Initiative, the university recently established the Silk Road Research Institute, and is working hard to fully open a new situation of Sino-Iranian humanities exchanges and cooperation.

Group photo for the delegation and representatives from the Shahid Beheshti University.

The delegation also met with the vice president Shokri, and over 10 representatives from the Shahid Beheshti University, conducting in-depth exchanges on the history and academic characteristics of the two universities, and reached a number of important cooperation intentions, which laid a solid foundation for the further cooperation of the two universities and the two countries.

Chinese Ambassador to the Iran Pang Sen (R) and RUC Vice President Du Peng pose for a photo.

On the afternoon of October 24, Pang Sen, Chinese Ambassador to the Iran, met with the members of the delegation. President Du briefed Ambassador on the current international cooperation projects of RUC, the intentions of cooperating with Iranian universities, and the progress and research achievements of RDCY in China-Iran relations, and presented relevant books and reports to the Ambassador Pang Sen. Ambassador Pang said that Iran and China have close cooperation, which will has broad prospects in jointly building the "Belt and Road". He gave high praises for the delegation’s visit and supported to promote the people to people exchanges and educational cooperation between China and Iran. Ambassador Pang mentioned that the Iranian people’s enthusiasm for understanding China is constantly improving. It is of great significance to strengthen the exchange between the two peoples, especially the younger generation. The establishment of the Silk Road School and the education cooperation projects will undoubtedly strengthen the exchanges of the two countries, he said.

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