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RDCY Research Paper No.51: Reshaping China's Purchasing Power——China's Import Side and the Construction of A Community with Shared Future for Humanity



Traditional world development model: Since the 1970s, the world economy has accelerated its integration. With the expansion of world market and the free flow of resources, the country has formed a clear pattern of industrial division of labor. Developed countries have achieved industry upgrading and continuous optimization, showing a typical "three two one" industrial structure layout, which are at the top of the global industrial division of labor value chain; participating in globalization in a late time, economic development of developing countries is lagging behind, those countries are at the bottom of the value chain.

The blueprint for the development of the new era of the world: China advocates the construction of "human community of shared destiny", stressing the establishment of cooperative partnerships and win-win partnerships, promoting coordinated development of the world, and striving to build a fair and rational market environment for competition. As a small number of countries in the modern globalization from the "margin" to the "center", China will help developing countries participate in the global industrial division of labor through a series of trade and investment preferential policies.

China's import-side reforms play a  vital role in  building  a blueprint for human community of shared destiny. The blueprint for a community of human destiny provides direction for the reform of the import side, and the reform of the import side is an important part of building human community of shared destiny. The two complement each other and work together to shape the purchasing power of the new era.

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