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Three Finnish ambassadors pay visit to RDCY


On the afternoon of March 11, four foreign friends visited the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China (RDCY) including Jarno Syrjälä, Pekka Orpana and Eero Suominen who assume ambassadors of Finland to China, Japan and Korea respectively. They made in-depth exchanges with the executive dean, Wang Wen as well as the senior fellow, Liu Zhiqin in terms of the Chines economy and its role in Asia, the construction od the BRI and other aspects. This meeting was hosted by the assistant to the dean of RDCY, Yang Qingqing.

Jarno Syrjälä highly hails recent progress of the institute and research fruits delivered in global economic governance as well as the BRI, and shows concerns in the government work report in 2019, the economic development of China, the construction of the BRI, AI and digital economy.

Liu Zhiqin tells them that the expected growth target of GDP in 2019 is between 6% and 6.5%, lower than that in 2018 as the target range expands, which is in line with the overall trend featuring slower and high-quality growth, and matches the transition from high-speed to high-quality growth. By virtue of downgraded target and increased range, China’s economic policy in 2019 will enjoy a more flexible space, ensure a new round of reform and opening up while keeping the baseline of short-term growth, with a view to laying solid bedrock for long-term economic quality elevation. Likewise, the government vows to create newly added 11-plus million jobs in the city, and lift more than 10 million poor people out of poverty in the country, which will inject great impetus to promoting poverty alleviation, countryside revitalization, and improving quality of the new type of urbanization.

According to the address by Wang Wen, China welcomes Finland to join in construction od the BRI and knows that Finland is actively attempting to understand its meanings and specific contents. As a long-term global initiative, the open and inclusive BRI boasts enormous potential and opportunities. Different from Marshall Plan, it is one based on joint consultation and contribution for shared benefits that opposes the zero-sum game and the winner-takes-all mentality, adheres to mutual respect, harmony co-existence and common prosperity to shape a community of shared destiny for mankind. As the Second International Cooperation Summit draws near in 2019, the world will witness more practical outcomes. China will also prove that the initiative can transcend geological restrictions and ideological divergences through time and practice, and serve as a catalyst for progress of mankind.

With respect to diplomatic relations between China and major powers as well as surrounding nations, Wang Wen expresses his view that China is a peace-loving country guided by peace-centered diplomatic philosophy and eastern wisdom. Therefore, China actively deals with relations with America, Japan, the North Korea, Philippine, Vietnam, India, Australia, Canada and other countries, and delivers good outcomes. Plagued by external pressures including trade friction with America and shames imposed by western medias on China, we become more confident and showcase the defining characteristics of a new global power that feature a mild and modest manner.

Other people engaged in this meeting including Anna Vitie, the minister counsellor of the Finnish embassy in China, Liu Yushu, the researcher of RDCY, and Wang Peng, the associate researcher of the RDCY.

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