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A report on “Chinese Enterprises Tax Burden- Based on Data of Listed Companies" releases in Beijing


On July 9, a report on “Chinese Enterprises Tax Burden- Based on Data of Listed Companies" and the theme seminar on "panoramic view of China's tax burden" were successfully held in Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China (RDCY).

The launching ceremony was co-organized by the Finance and Taxation Institute of Renmin University of China, RDCY, and the School of Finance of Renmin University of China. Hu Haibin, deputy dean of the RDCY, presided over the meeting. Professor Lyu Bingyang, director of the Finance Department of the School of Finance, executive director of the Institute of Finance and Taxation, and senior fellow of the RDCY, delivered a speech.

Yang Yuanwei, executive deputy secretary-general of the China International Taxation Research Association, Gong Huiwen, director of the theoretical Research Institute on the Taxation of the State Administration of Taxation, Wang Dongsheng, partner of the Beijing Zhifangyuan Taxation firm, Fan Yong, professor of the School of Finance and Taxation of the Central University of Finance and Economics, and Liang Ji, deputy director of the Public Revenue Research Center of the Ministry of Finance, attended the meeting.

In his speech, professor Lyu Bingyang noted that in order to have a clear and correct understanding of the tax burden of Chinese enterprises, this report, combined with tax theory, puts forward scientific and reasonable indicators and calculation methods to measure the tax burden of enterprises.

He said that this report makes a detailed calculation of the overall tax burden, VAT tax burden, and income tax burden of China's listed companies from 2008 to 2017, comparing with the average tax burden, the tax burden of sub-scale enterprises, the tax burden of sub-ownership enterprises and the tax burden of sub-industry enterprises are compared, and analyzes the differences. Finally, according to the calculation results of the tax burden of listed companies in China, this report summarizes the overall situation of the tax burden of Chinese enterprises, and puts forward further thinking and suggestions.

The experts attending the meeting stressed that the report focuses on the hot issues in society,  and analyzes the reasons for the change of tax burden and some problems that need to be considered.

In addition, Professor Lyu Bingyang's new book, Light and heavy: A Panoramic View of China's Tax Burden, was released at this conference. Zhang Yiheng, editor of the China Financial Publishing House, participated in the release ceremony of the new book and delivered speeches with the the author Lyu Bingyang respectively.

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