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Zhao Suisheng: China and US will both benefit from peaceful coexistence, lose from conflicts


Since last year, the United States has imposed a series of trade sanctions against China, and great changes have taken place in Sino-US relations after more than 40 years of ups and downs. Is China-US trade friction a "Trump phenomenon" or a "new normal" in relations in the future? In this regard, Mr. Zhao Suisheng, a tenured professor at the Joseph Korbel School at the University of Denver, was invited to deliver a lecture at Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies of Renmin University of China (RDCY) on July 20 and make an in-depth analysis on the US strategy towards China and the future of China-US relations.

Professor Zhao said that after President Trump took office, the crises and problems in China-US relations were not caused by an emergency, but a general outbreak of various contradictions between China and the US over the years.

Comprehensive decoupling has increasingly become the policy of the US Government, with China and the US fully decoupling in the political, economic, military, scientific and technological, cultural, and academic fields, such as the tightening of visas for Chinese scholars and students, and sanctions against Chinese enterprises.

In this context, China-US relations are a confrontation of power, not a conflict of policies. Sino-US relations have changed to a great extent, and it is difficult to find a solution for the problems in the short term or in a specific area.

One reason for this is that the United States has also changed a lot. The United States is becoming less confident, lack of sense of security and tolerance.

He believes that there will be a correction in Sino-US relations in the future, mainly because the fundamental nature of Sino-US relations has not changed.

No matter how much else changes, the mutually beneficial relationship between China and the United States as the largest economy and the second largest economy has not changed. The interdependence between China and the United States is deepening. Against the backdrop of globalization, the two major economies of China and the United States will both benefit from peaceful coexistence, lose from conflicts.

He stressed that it is impossible for China and the United States to move towards confrontation, and there are no conditions for a new cold war in the world today.

He said that China's enemy is not the United States, but China itself. The enemy of the United States is not China, but the United States itself.

Professor Zhao emphasized that under such circumstances, the leaders of China and the United States need to rationally face the reality that the contradictions and conflicts between China and the United States will certainly continue. However, it is impossible for the two sides to move towards full confrontation and regard each other as enemies. Although China and US are not natural allies, they are not natural enemies.

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