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RDCY attends ISPI Forum for 2021 G20 in Italy and KFCRIS forum for 2020 G20 in Saudi Arabia


Editor's note: Wang Wen, the executive dean of Chongyang Institute of Financial Studies, Renmin University of China (RDCY), attended two preparation meetings for G20 in Milan, Italy and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and delivered keynote speeches to introduce preparatory matters in G20 Summit(2016). Sergio Mattarella, the President of the Italian Republic, and Alflaian, the Secretary General of Saudi Arabia G20 Summit, presented and made a speech. The politicians and the delegations of think tanks from more than 20 powers, RDCY was the only Chinese think tank invited by the two forums simultaneously.

ISPI Forum"The Future of Multilateralism" (Milan 3-4 October) was held by Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI) which is the top Italian think tank in the world. On the evening of Oct 3rd, Sergio Mattarella, the President of the Italian Republic, presented and introduced the preparation work of G20 Italy Summit and the challenges and threats to Multilateralism.

More than 20 invited guests delivered their speeches and made heated discussion on unknown multilateralism. Wang Wen, the Executive Dean of RDCY, has participated in six rounds discussion and has lectured on "21st Century Rules and China's Proposition" .

On October 13-14, "The Power and Potential of the G20" Forum was held at the King Abdullah Petroleum Research Center (KAPSARC) in the suburb of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which was co-organized by King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies(KFCRIS). More than 100 guests from more than 50 think tanks around the world participated.

The think tank delegations from more than 20 countries shared their preparatory experience on G20 Summit.Wang Wen, the Executive Dean of RDCY, demonstrated the significant meaning that G20 Summit brought to hosted countries, hosted cities and lead think tanks. Wang introduced the positive effects of the China G20 Summit and shared the latest research results of RDCY. After the meeting, many delegates exchanged their experience with Wang Wen in private.

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