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Wang Yiwei: The 70 years of PRC in human history


On October 11th, the fifth lecture of "The 70th Anniversary of the Founding of The PRC" series which hosted by Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies of Renmin University of China (RDCY) and Huanqiu Web, was held at RDCY.

On October 16th, Wang Yiwei, the professor of School of International studies, Renmin University of China, and senior research fellow of Chongyang Institute for Financial Research, Renmin University of China made a speech about "70 Years of China in Human History". From the perspective of history, the development of China is difficult. Why do various obstructions exist in the path to become strong? What is the mission of the new era?

In his speech, the rise of China benefits significantly after participating in globalization. Moreover, we must realize that the precondition for the great rejuvenation is the new type of globalization. Rather than dependent variables and independent variables, this globalization which is called Globalization 2.0 by Mr.Wang, symbols bilateral changing between China and World and is accompanied by more huge uncertain risk. As to 1.0 version of globalization, it refers to develop in the foundation of the United States, namely grow crops on the land of the United States. But now we should cultivate on our own land and all mankind land. In Wang's view, the Community with A Shared Future for Mankind will plant crops on the land of mankind.

Wang Yiwei believes that the United States and the West World have encountered great challenge which can be named as profound changes unseen in a century. Under this changing, China is transforming from the inland civilization into inland-and-maritime civilizations, from regional civilizations to global civilizations.

Wang Yiwei pointed out that the in front of the current challenges, constructing a larger system to solve problems will be the only choice instead of repairing the old house or building a new one, which system is the basic of the Community with A Shared Future for Mankind and the "Belt and Road Initiative" and relates to the inclusiveness and openness of the entire international system and the question of where the entire human civilization goes.

In Wang's mind, in order to achieve further development, it is essential to stress in the formulation of rules, in the guidance of technology, and in our right to speak. Obviously the BRI has largely increased China's voice beyond the original cooperation initiatives.

Wang Yiwei believes that the construction of the Community with A Shared Future for Mankind and BRI should be understood from global background than China's reform and opening up. In the new era, we will promote "re-engineering China and re-creating the world". Re-creation is not to overthrow. It is to rebuild an overseas China, to build a vast market in the world, to achieve a leap in the industrial chain, and to control in our own hands.

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