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Global Order Under Profound Changes


Source: China-US Focus    Published: 2019-12-5

Ambassador He Yafei is a prolific former Chinese diplomat who has witnessed and participated in many key global events. China-US Focus editor-at-large James Chau sat down with Ambassador He for an interview on a wide-range of issues, including a global order under stress, the growing US-China rivalry, and how China manages to achieve growth while working to address social challenges.

How Not to Hit a Wall (Click to watch)

In this video, Ambassador He shares one of the key learnings from China’s reform and opening-up – free trade is a growth driver. He believes the trade dispute will be resolved eventually, because the “severance of the two largest economies will be a disaster”, and that turning trade disputes into a geopolitical issue results in “hitting a wall.”

Global Order Under Profound Changes (Click to watch)

In this video, Ambassador He discusses the two major and profound changes that the world has seen in the past century – the shifting balance of power, in particular between China and the United States, and the rise of populism, nationalism and protectionism as a result of de-globalization and rapid, unbalanced economic growth.

China's Path to Prosperity: An Alternative Solution(Click to watch)

In this conversation, Ambassador He claims that China’s “two-hand approach” to growth – combining the power of the invisible hand of the free market and the visible hand of government – has been successful in improving social equity and narrowing the gap between developed coastal areas and less developed regions in the country.

Placing China's Tech Progress in Context (Click to watch)

In this interview, Ambassador He explains why China is upgrading its technological capability, how its efforts have been mistaken as a threat to US superiority in industry and tech, and why the worries and fears of China’s rise in the global supply chain are unwarranted.

He Yafei is a senior fellow of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China.

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