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Wang Wan & Liu Dan: China-US game and China’s revival in the perspective of the comparative strength changes of the two countries


By: Wang Wan & Liu Dan   Pubished: 2020-02-25    Source: Northeast Asia Forum

The global landscape in 2018 is complex and changeable. Unilateralism and trade protectionism are on the rise, and the overall growth of the global economy is falling. The  escalating China-US trade conflict has further deepened the uncertainty of the world’s political and economic situation. The comparative strength changes between China and the US have been the focus of global public opinion in the past decade, but few studies have seen the subtlety of the power gap between China and the US. Based on the China-US trade friction, this paper objectively compared the strength changes of China and the US and discussed the strategic direction of the China-US  game. This paper believes that the China-US trade dispute is not only a confrontation in the field of economy and trade, but also a comprehensive game involving all kinds of strengths of the two countries. Although the heads of the two sides have reached a consensus  to suspend the increase of tariffs, the China-US trade dispute is still a long-term and serious issue. China should be fully prepared to launch a game against the US with strategic endurance, build a global innovation engine, establish a new international cooperation network, and ultimately achieve the great rise of the country.

China-US game and China’s revival_ in the perspective of the comparative strength changes of the two countries.PDF

Wan Wen is executive dean of Chingyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China

Liu Dan is a researcher of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies in Renmin University of China.

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