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International Symposium on "Past, Present and Future of the Welfare State" held in Beijing


International Symposium on "Past, Present and Future of the Welfare State"

Hosted by: Institute of Political Science, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS)

Co-organized by: Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China

Date of Conference: August 29, 2017 —August 30,2017

Address of Conference: Meeting Room, Floor 3, Paragon Hotel Beijing


August 29, Tuesday

08:45  Registration

09:00  Opening Ceremony

Moderator: Wang Lei, Director General, Bureau of International Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

09:00—09:10  Fang Ning, Research Fellow and Director General, Institute of Political Science, CASS

09:10—09:30  Nakano Satoshi,Professor and Vice President, Hitotsubashi University

A.M.  Session I

Moderator: Wang Lei

Reviewer: Fang Ning, Watanabe Masao

09:30—10:10  Zhou Hong,Tendency of Welfare State Reform in Europe and its Inspiration to China

10:10—10:50  Shinkawa Toshimitsu,Transformation of the Normal Form of Nation-State and Probability of the Mobilization of Authority Resources

10:50—11:50  Review & Discussion

11:50—12:00  Group Photo

P.M.  Session II

Moderator: Fang Ning

Reviewer: Watanabe Masao

13:30-14:10  Pan Yi, Construction of China’s System of Moderately Generalized Preferential Treatment in Social Security

14:10-14:50 Tanaka Takuji,The Test Field of Social Security Reform: Researching Japanese Welfare State by Comparative Approach

14:50-15:30  Review & Discussion

15:30-15:40  Tea Break

Moderator: Jean-Victor Gruat

Reviewer: Fang Lianquan

15:40-16:00  John Ross,United Kingdom’s Social Security System and Policy

16:00-16:20 Marek Suchomel, Recent Reforms of the Czech Pension System

16:20-16:40  Heinz-Dietrich Steinmeyer,Parametric Pension Reforms in Germany

16:40-17:00  Karl Birkholz, The Swedish Pension Reform

17:00-17:20  Carlo Mazzaferro, Italy’s Social Security System Reforms in the Last Decade

17:20-18:00 Review & Discussion

August 30, Wednesday

A.M.  Session III

Moderator: Yang Qingqing

Reviewer: Watanabe Masao

09:00-9:40  Shirase Yumika,Changes of Japan’s Social Security: Transformation towards Life Assistance Basically Relied on Self-Supporting

09:40-10:10  Peng Shuyi, Process and Features of France’s Retirement System Reforms

10:10-10:40  Li Kaixuan, Italy’s Social Security System Recalibration Reforms in the View of Europeanization: From 1992 to the Present

10:40-11:10 Guo Lingfeng, Transformation of European Union’s Social Security System towards Social Investment: Development of Idea and Policy Evaluation

11:10-11:20  Tea Break

11:20-12:00   Review & Discussion

P.M.  Session IV

Moderator: Zhou Hong

Reviewer: Nakano Satoshi,Shinkawa Toshimitsu

13:30-14:10  Kiba Saya,Philippine Government’s Tolerance and Elimination of Drugs in Underprivileged Group

14:10-14:40 Diao Daming, Disputation and Introspection of American Modern Social Security System

14:40-15:10 Qi Chuanjun, Unfair Distribution of Income in Argentina: Re-explanation of Populism

15:00-15:40 Wang Hongyan, China’s Anti-Poverty Project and the Mechanism of Concentrating Resources to Get Big Jobs Done

15:40-15:50  Tea Break

15:50-16:30 Watanabe Masao,Crisis of Welfare State: From Welfare State to Neoliberalism, Capitalism’s Dream and Reality after World War II

16:30-17:30  Review & Discussion

17:30-18:00  Closing Address, Feng Jun

Key Words: Welfare State  RDCY  CASS  agenda