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“BRICS: The Engine for New Globalization” debuts in Beijing ahead of BRICS summit


On the afternoon of August 31, BRICS: The Engine for New Globalization made its debut at a launching ceremony in Beijing. Written by Wang Wen, executive dean of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University (RDCY), and Liu Ying, a researcher of RDCY, the book was published in four languages (Chinese, English, Russian, and Portuguese).

 launching ceremony of the book.

The BRICS summit, another important international conference after the G20 Hangzhou summit, and also one of the most important home-field diplomatic events this year, will be held in Xiamen.

Based on extensive authentic data and research, this book focuses on how BRICS leads the new round of globalization, and puts forward the proposal that BRICS should strengthen its political exchanges and cooperation, reinforce its economic and trade partnerships, intensify its multilateral cooperation, cultural communication and integration in global affairs, and develop a community of common destiny.

Zhang Hai’ou delivered a speech.

The book was published by the new world press, and editor-in-chief Zhang Hai’ou delivered a speech at the launch ceremony.

Wang Wen introduced the book at the launching ceremony.

“In terms of the speed of BRICS development over the last ten years as well as the development power itself, BRICS countries will be more promising than the G7 countries”, according to Wang Wen.

About 100 people attended the launch ceremony from the circles of academics, business and media, and conducted in-depth discussion on BRICS cooperation so as to offer advice and suggestions for the promotion of global governance.

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