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RDCY releases new monograph on Trump research


On May 6th, a symposium on American Politics in the Trump era and launch ceremony of “Donald Trump: Rise of the Rich in Global Politics” was held at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China (RDCY). Several famous experts attended the launch ceremony and had an in-depth discussion on the book and the Sino-US relations in the Trump era. The author of the book is Chen Chenchen, a researcher and deputy director of the Macro Research Department of RDCY.

The conference was jointly hosted by the RDCY and the World Affairs Press, and moderated by Hu Haibin, assistant to the dean of RDCY. Zhang Shaohong, editor-in-chief of the World affairs Press, made a speech at the launch ceremony. He said that this book was the first publicly published book in China for researching the characteristics of US incumbent President Trump team and its policy preferences and trends.

Wang Wen, executive dean of RDCY, extended his heartfelt congratulations to the author in his welcome speech. He noted that the book based on several research reports and gave a more in-depth reflection on the rise of the rich in global politics through reviewing the relationship between Trump`s wealth background and his potential policy logic.

Hu Xijin, chief editor of the Global Times, was specially invited to deliver a speech at the conference. He said that people’s thinking patterns and behavior are closely related to his wealth and experience. This book provides rich and credible information, revealing the deeper laws behind the things.

Mr. Hu also gave a speech on the Sino-US game in the Trump era. He stressed that Sino-US game will last a long time, because the issues on Taiwan, the South China Sea, and trade friction cannot be accomplished overnight. Therefore, endurance capacity building is very important for China. Only by enhancing the ability to withstand complex situations can China take the initiative when playing games with the US, he said.

The author of the new book shared her writing experience and the investigation on the Trump’s wealth realm personally. She believes that the international politics can show the public in a lively style. The review of the history and the conjecture of the future fate should not be just the intellectual games in the ivory tower. It can be a story that will lead to deep thinking. She hopes that this book will build a bridge connecting international politics research and the public, so that people can understand Trump and American politics more clearly.

During the discussion session, the experts fully affirmed the book`s significance for deep understanding Trump and responding to American politics, and had a discussion on the American politics in the era of Trump.

Zhang Yanling, Former vice president of Bank of China and senior fellow of RDCY, commented that the book is highly theoretical, rigorous, vivid, and seriocomic. With regard to further research on Sino-US relations, she suggests that more attention should be paid to the practical significance and international influence of Trump`s behavioral model, and refutes the rhetoric about the trade war released by Trump administration from the academic point of view.

Wu Sike, former China Special Envoy for the Middle East and senior fellow of RDCY, said that the publishing of this book is conducive to a deeper understanding for US politics and Trump, and  important for China to strengthen self-confidence and determination. He said that Trump has abandoned the longstanding morality rhetoric and expressed appeals of American interests more directly and straightforward. China should have sufficient preparation and make plans early.

Ding Gang, a senior editor with People`s Daily and a senior fellow with the RDCY, elaborated an extended understanding of the book in conjunction with the Sino-US trade war. He notes that the trade war is not just a friction between the two countries` economic and trade fields, but the competition over the future global order. He emphasizes that the essence of Sino-US game is  the contest of capital power and the new book helps us to fundamentally understand American capitalism.

Ni Feng, deputy director of the Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, spoke highly of the book from its topic selection and writing style. He said that the book is a good exploration on the writing of international politics.

John Ross, former director of Economic and Business Policy of London, senior fellow with the RDCY, said that China and US had different characteristics, and China can find ways to get along with the United States by tracing back history. He stressed that the American public are actually an important force to prevent the Trump administration from implementing policies against China. If there is any conflict between the United States and China, American public will be the biggest victims, he added.

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