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【2020-05-21】Jia Jinjing: The End of America's Innovation


The RDCY Series online live lectures on Re-recognize the United States, Lecture No.6

The End of America's Innovation

When: May 21th 20:00(UTC+8)

(1) Why "American Innovation" is dying out?

(2)How United States light up the innovation and how the light fades away?

(3) Is "American Innovation" still vital to the world?

(4) How to predict the world when "American Innovation era" ends?

Prof. Jia JinJing is the Assistant Dean of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China (RDCY). Prof.Jia has years of experience in government policy research and analysis. His research focus on International Economy, Finance, Macroeconomics, Geopolitics, Innovation and Industrial Policy.  Before joining RDCY, he was working on policy analysis, financial investment theory and practice for local government and corporations. His publication of has caused strong repercussion.