Liu Zhiqin

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Mr. Liu Zhiqin, graduated from Beijing University of Languages and Cultures, major in English. Afterwards, he worked in the militaries of railways, defense tech and international trade. He was awarded with government-supplied scholarship, studied at Economic Institute of Frankfurt University as scholar from 1982 – 1984, in subject of International Trade/Finance Management as postgraduate. From the late 1970’s, he began visiting and investigating on the trade of African, the Middle East, as well as Boeing Company in the USA and Airbus Company in Germany. After 1988, he worked in banks of Germany, Switzerland and Austria, in charge of Chinese business. After that, he worked as Chief Representative of (Swiss) Zuercher Kantonal bank until 2012. From 2013, he joined Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China as Senior Fellow.

His publications like Duo Zui Ji and Cha Zui Ji, has collected hundreds of articles published in various medias, focusing on domestic and overseas issues, such as economy, finance, and global governance. He is the first expert who suggested USA to conduct necessary “reform and open-up policies”, the paper was published in . At the same year, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the same suggestion when he met American officers. This idea broke hot discussions in international media.

He received the interviews frequently from CCTV, Shenzhen TV, Macau Asia Satellite Television, and Russian media, as well as Beijing TV,,, and etc, refers to the issues of G20, BRICS, Belt and Road, Green growth, Global governance and so on.

Expertise : Macro-economy; Financial Reform