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Senior Economist, Deputy Director, Department of Green Finance, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China Research fellow, Center for Eco-financial Studies, Renmin University of China. His main research fields include green finance, environmental policy analysis, development of green industry, and their combination.

He was sent to People’s Bank of China in 2015 for half a year to assist in establishing the Green Finance Committee, China Society of Finance & Banking, and facilitated to set the routine work of the Committee.

Before joining Renmin University of China, he worked for 7 years at a Chinese famous consulting firm in private sector, where he was Senior Project Manager of Department of Recycling Economy.

Mr. CAO holds a BS in Psychology from Peking University, and a MS in Ecology from Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences. He was awarded a national qualification of Senior Economist in Economic Management in 2014.

Expertise : Eco-finance; Environmental Policy