RDCY Research Paper No. 25: Reshaping Eurasian Space——Common Perspectives from China, Russia and Kazakhstan Think Tanks


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RDCY Research Paper No. 25: Reshaping Eurasian Space——Common Perspectives from China, Russia and Kazakhstan Think Tanks


Eurasia connects Europe with the Asia-pacific region, which are the most active political and economic areas in the world. Due to its special geographical location, diversified economic structure and affluent resources, the Eurasia is affecting important factors of international division of labor. As a result, this region plays a significant role in the global economic and political development.

Especially since the 2008 financial crisis, the economic strength of US-led western countries is relatively weak within the adjusted international political and economic pattern, at the same time, the political and economic center of the world turns to Eurasia gradually with the rapid development of emerging economies represented by the BRICS.

On the other hand, internal situation in Eurasia is extremely complicated. Huge discrepancies of politics, economy, culture and other aspects exist among related countries. Concerning the fierce competition of great powers in this region and the rise of Eurasian importance on the world stage, co-building the regional cooperative mechanism and governance system in Eurasia has became an important agenda under the framework of global governance.

Against this background, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China, Valdai Discussion Club of Russia and Strategy Institute of Kazakhstan has began the study of Reshaping Eurasian Space since November 2016, and formed a periodic report, trying to clarify the common understanding and analysis of think tank from China, Russia and Kazakhstan and giving some advice and proposal for related problems as well.

Frankly speaking, this report has not come easily, thanks to multiple discussion and field research of think tank researchers from China, Russia and Kazakhstan, this report finally published. Based on predecessors` research, this report analyzes the reality problem and discusses the strategic cooperative opportunities of China and Russia in Eurasia around China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) strategy.

This report highly evaluates the common efforts to the integration of Eurasia and the impressive cooperation among related countries. It is the common efforts of related countries that bring the historically significant opportunity of China’s BRI and Russia’s EEU strategy.

This difficult and pleasant cooperation among the think tanks from China, Russia and Kazakhstan is the best example of people-to-people exchange in the integration of Eurasia.

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