Wu Sike: China holds firm stance on peace in Middle East


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Wu Sike: China holds firm stance on peace in Middle East


By Wu Sike    Source: China Daily    Published: 2017-12-28

From Dec 21 to 22, representatives from Palestine and Israel attended a seminar in Beijing, discussing peace restoration in the Palestine-Israel region, where the United States’ recent recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital may create chaos in the Middle East.

China has always adhered to a clear stance to support Palestine in establishing an independent state with full sovereignty, based on the 1967 border.

The conflict between Palestine and Israel is one of the fundamental problems in the Middle East, where the change of situation has vital influence on peace in the world. And China, as a member of the UN Security Council and a responsible country, has played an active role to bridge the Palestine-Israel talks.

During the two-day seminar in Beijing, representatives reached agreements on the “two-state solution”. And the leaders of the two states should be determined to restart peace talks and make substantial efforts, such as securing Palestine-Israel ties and coping with the humanitarian problems in Gaza Strip.

International society should reflect on the poor efficiency, and the UN should shoulder the responsibility to mediate conflicts and promote communication and cooperation for the development and peace of the world.

When Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited China in July, President Xi Jinping said China supports the restoration of peace in the Palestine-Israel region and political resolution of the two states, and will promote international efforts.

China will make more efforts for Palestine and Israel to restore peace, and the seminar is such a case.

The author is senior fellow of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China.