World experts expect greater role of China in global governance

William Jones

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World experts expect greater role of China in global governance


Source: Xinhua    Published: 2019-3-2

As the annual sessions of China's top legislative and advisory bodies approach, world experts look forward to a greater role of China in improving global governance.

William Jones, Washington bureau chief of the U.S. publication Executive Intelligence Review, praised China's contribution to tackling global issues and believed China's wisdom as well as its philosophy will further benefit the whole world.

"The world is now at a point where if we want to really resolve the problems that we have, we have to look for a different philosophy," said Jones.

After 40 years of reform and opening-up, China has now become a major factor in world politics and a major player in the world economy, and "humanity can benefit very much from the Chinese way of doing things," he said.

Mentioning China's emphasis on shared interests, Jones said it is something "that is worthwhile for the world to attempt to implement as a working hypothesis for how we resolve our differences" and that will help create "a situation of great benefit not only for ourselves but also for future generations."

Sotiris Petropoulos, assistant professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Peloponnese in Greece, said in an emailed interview that next week can be seen as another opportunity to highlight China's role as a responsible major country.

The two sessions will "discuss and take decision on further steps of China both on the national and the international arenas," Petropoulos said.

"By further opening up its economy, in an era of economic uncertainty, China can stress its constructive stance towards global economic governance issues," he said.

"Like in the past when the global agenda was focusing on trade and later on environmental issues, momentum is again building up for China ... in a multipolar world of diverse national interests," the expert said.

China is undergoing great internal transformations while playing a significant role in the world, said Krzysztof Gawlikowski, an expert from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland.

"On the international arena, China, as one of the great leaders, should present her vision which could attract attention of other nations," said Gawlikowski.

The expert expected more contributions from China on global economic development and global environmental protection.

"China could be a world leader in this respect," the expert said.

William Jones is the Washington Bureau Chief for the Executive Intelligence Review, and Non-resident Senior Fellow of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China.