Rare ancient maps showcase BRI, unfolding a new and profound world


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Rare ancient maps showcase BRI, unfolding a new and profound world


On the sideline of two sessions of this year, the column “News of China” which is subordinate to CCTV, provides a special report of two sessions about ushering in a new era. At the request of its invitation, Wang Wen, the executive dean of the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China (RDCY), responds to questions and risks concerning the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) along with the host, Zhou Yingfeng on March 9.

Wang Wen tells the interviewer that the BRI has evolved into an economic platform of cooperation that enjoys the biggest scale in the world through five years of development. There has existed the trend embracing global contribution and cooperation.

He says that China has explored a new and profound world since the inception of the program five years ago. By virtue of comparison between two original treasured world maps (the world map in 1587, one of the twenty oldest world maps at present and the map in 1717 almost three hundred years ago) and the current one, he points that the BRI mainly involves cooperation with those countries which don’t embrace globalization deeply.

He emphasizes that the western world has discovered the breadth of the world geologically while China has found the depth and inequality economically in the past five centuries roughly. As the second biggest economy worldwide, China will engage in global governance in an in-depth way, deepens cooperation with those nations outside the gate of globalization to balance the development of the world, and enables LCDs to develop further. That is the contribution as well as the proposal of China to the world in the process of exploring the new situation of the world.

Wan Wen also says that risks prevention will remain the eternal theme of the BRI in the future progress. Someone argued about the reform and opening policy at the beginning, however, forty years have witnessed tremendous achievements when carrying out reform and opening up. It has been only several years since its inception. We need to be patient and wait for ten years, twenty years and even thirty years. It is believed that the BRI can deliver unmeasurable outcomes.

He thinks that the BRI put forward by China that belongs to developing countries five years ago has been popular among nations, which should be attributable to strong soft power. Now the whole world holds expectations for China and looks forward to the what happens next. When it comes to the Second International Cooperation Summit of the BRI in April this year, Wang Wen hopes that this conference can be more practical and further define the future trend of the BRI, and enable the world to see the prospect of China through the Belt and Road Initiative.