Wang Wen: The conspiracy of the United States and Europe to engage in a cold war against China has been broken


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Wang Wen: The conspiracy of the United States and Europe to engage in a cold war against China has been broken


Editor's Note: Both China and EU do appear to be keen to make progress. Wang Wen, the Executive Dean of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China (RDCY), interviewed by Russia's top international media "Russia Today" (RT) and shared his opinions on the chances of a major breakthrough. The following is the full text of the interview. 

Host: Dr. Wang, professor at Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies of China. And you're very welcome. Thanks for joining us this morning. Just firstly, both sides do appear to be keen to make progress. What do you think are the chances of a major breakthrough?

Wang Wen: At the moment, as you know, the EU is under pressure from the US. The United States wants Europe to follow it in launching a new cold war against China. But I found that the two sides between China and the EU yesterday talked more about cooperation, including vaccine research, green and low-carbon, digital economy, expanding trade scale and so on. The EU side adheres to multilateralism and hopes to resolve some differences. So, I believe that the EU will not follow the US. During the pandemic period, the realization of webinar conference represents the willingness of both sides to cooperate. This also means that the U.S. strategy of pulling Europe to launch a new cold war against China has gone bankrupt.

Host: That said, though, Doctor Wen, when there are still obvious political disagreements between the EU and China, just how strained is their relationship to think? how much room is there for maneuver?

Wang Wen: Yes, there is a voice in Europe that criticizes China, including China’s anti-Pandemic progress. But, In fact, more and more Europeans are looking at China’s anti-Pandemic progress rationally. European policymakers are rational. At present, China is the country that exports the most medical materials to Europe, including masks, respirators and protective clothing. Both China and Europe understand that only through cooperation can combat the pandemic. From this point of view, Europe is communicable, peaceful and rational, unlike the United States. China-EU relations will be healthier in the post pandemic era.

One thing that stood out for me certainly was the Chinese premier saying that China and the EU are more partners than competitors. What does he mean? He seems to suggest in a much broader sense that There could be much better relations to.

Not only Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, China's President Xi Jinping also made a statement yesterday. Chinese leaders attach great importance to Europe. Although all belong to Western civilization, Europe is more peaceful than America. Europe is not hegemonic, it pursues peace and it values multilateralism. These strategic views are very consistent with those of China. Therefore, President Xi Jinping told the EU leaders that China should be peaceful and not hegemonic. China is an opportunity rather than a threat. China is a partner, not an opponent. This signal is very important. China and the EU need to be responsible for world peace, development and stability.

Host: It is very interesting, isn't it, Doctor, when we're going to have to leave it there. But we appreciate your time this morning, Dr. Wang Wen, a professor at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies in China. Thank you.