【RT Interview】Warning! China is not Iraq. China has enough power to make the necessary counterattack against US.


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【RT Interview】Warning! China is not Iraq. China has enough power to make the necessary counterattack against US.


Source: YouTube         Published: 2020-07-16

Editor's Note: As one of the most important bilateral relations in the current global political structure, the development of Sino US relations has attracted worldwide attention. Today, the U.S. government continues to intervene in the affairs of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China with a tough attitude, which is a manifestation of hegemonism. Please pay attention to Wang Wen, Executive Dean of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China (RDCY), comment on this issue in Russia Today on July 15th. 

Host: Let's get more reactions directly from Beijing. Joining us now, professor Wang Wen is the executive Dean at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University. Hi, sir thanks being with us. So how's this going down where you are today? Whatever the political squabbling going on, this is gonna have far-reaching ramifications for the economy, the people of Hong Kong and relations between China and the US, which seemed it getting worse day by day.

Wang Wen: Actually, I think that Hong Kong is a part of China. As you reported, the US intervention in Hong Kong affairs is not only a kind of hegemony, but also an election strategy of pretending to be tough and regarding China as an imaginary enemy. Trump hopes to win more votes. It is just for China to take necessary measures to defend its sovereignty and win the hearts of the people. The tension between China and the US has become the new normal. I think that compared with the trade war, the friction between US and Hongkong is still manageable.

Host: There's a huge amount of trade that goes on between the US and Hong Kong, trillion dollars of trade. What's gonna happen now? Who's gonna lost most here China, Hong Kong or the United States?

Wang Wen: Of course, its U.S. In fact, the US has great interests in Hong Kong. In 2019, the total amount of US foreign investment in Hong Kong will exceed $130 billion, and more than 1,300 US companies operate in Hong Kong. The US benefits from Hong Kong at $100 billion a year. The passing of the Hong Kong National Security Law contributes to the stability of Hong Kong and protects the interests of all people in Hong Kong. I don't know why those American congressmen are so stupid?

Host: Well China says it's ready in countermeasures what are we likely to see them?

Wang Wen: I think that, yes as you said that China has announced sanctions against some US Congressmen and institutions. I suggest my American friends, China is not Iraq, Syria, it is not Afghanistan. China has made the necessary counterattacks. These counterattacks are forced, but they are equal and justice.

Host: What sort of attack briefly?

Wang Wen: I think that we will do a lot. The US will surely pay for its disrespect for China.

Host: Now the other thing I wanted to ask you about. Of course this has been ongoing debate in Britain about China's Huawei and the role of 5G there. It's been usually controversial it was gonna be allowed but there's been a huge u-turn on that and Donald Trump says that he's taking the credit for convincing countries including our Britain to ditch it. How is that going to go down?

Wang Wen: I think that in my opinion Trump’s idea that there's an emperor of the Western world is very ridiculous. Trump cannot do it, the US cannot control the West, let alone world. Choosing Huawei is the market-oriented benefit of every country. Each country will choose which company’s technology to use. So in terms of 5g technology, people over the world know that Huawei technology is from China is the best. It's a very good opportunity, it's a very good option.

Host: There's so much investment already in the UK. We got to leave it there. Professor Wang Wen do come back on the program again soon and tell us more about the reaction, executive Dean of the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Remnant University, Thank you.

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