【People's Daily】A systematic summary of the results of the "Belt and Road Initiative"


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【People's Daily】A systematic summary of the results of the "Belt and Road Initiative"


The book "Belt and Road Encyclopedia", edited by Liu Wei and executive editor Wang Wen, has been published by Chongwen Publishing House. In the form of an encyclopedia, this book systematically summarized and provided the theoretical and practical achievements of the "Belt and Road Initiative"(BRI).

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This book gathered the works of hundreds of domestic experts and scholars. These experts used historical, global, and cooperation perspectives to collect, organize, classify, and compile the theories and knowledge related to BRI. This book elaborated in-depth the historical origin, theoretical basis, development ideas, and fruitful achievements of the BRI, which also helps people better understand the importance of building the BRI and promotes the construction of a new type of international relations and a community with a shared future for mankind.

This encyclopedia contains standard abbreviations of the "Belt and Road Initiative", frequently asked questions and significant events of BRI, and provincial (including districts and cities) documents related to BRI in its appendices. The content is professional and rich in materials. The entries are arranged in a well-organized structure and showed a clear sense of logic. It is easy to understand and practical in use, making it an essential reference for scholars and providing intellectual support for further improvement of relevant policies and measures.

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