【RT Interview】Wang Wen: In the next three months, China-US relations will be in high-risk. Trump can do anything for elections..


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【RT Interview】Wang Wen: In the next three months, China-US relations will be in high-risk. Trump can do anything for elections..


Source: YouTube    Published:2020-07-23

Editor's Note: On July 21, the US suddenly requested China to close the Consulate General in Houston within 3 days, which aroused strong public concern. In response to this, Wang Wen, executive dean of the Chongyang Institute of Finance at Renmin University of China (RDCY), said in a live interview on Russian TV Today (RT) that the United States is already very crazy with China and has no bottom line.

Host: Let's bring our guest wangwen live nowto Wangwen. Professor and Executive dean at Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China.Thanks for coming on.

China’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman said that the embassy in Washington has received bomb and death threats after the U.S. demanded the closing of its consulate in Houston, Texas. How do we get to this point now the relationship seems pretty sour?

Wang Wen: The Trump administration is inciting some extremists in the US to hate China, and it does not exclude Trump supporters from using these actions to create a stronger anti-China atmosphere. I think that in the next three months, before the US election, will be a high-risk period for China-US relations. The Trump administration can do anything to win the election. The conflict with China is to divert the attention of American public opinion. So it is not ruled out that military conflicts against China will be launched by Trump administration.

Host: The US claims that the Chinese consulate staff were burning documents and papers. Why would they do that?

Wang Wen: The Consulate General in Houston is China's largest diplomatic organization in the south of the US. Of course, there are many important official documents in the Consulate General. It is very rude of the US to let Chinese diplomats leave for three days. China was forced to burn relevant official documents. The Trump's China policy now is quite crazy and has no bottom line.

Host: (There are) Several point of contention between US and China at the moment. Trade, alleged spying, coronavirus, South China Sea. When you have a lot of areas of disagreement between two countries, is that why we see the consulate in Houston being closed? Not because of anything they have actually done, but because this is the way to punish a country.

Wang Wen: Trump is likely to announce a diplomatic break with China. One of Trump's election strategies is to constantly provoke China. If China strikes back, no one in the US will pay attention to trump's failure in the fight against the Pandemic. Trump can also pretend to be a strong political man who dares to fight against China to get more vote. Now China maintains patience, so Trump keeps stimulating until China and the US break off diplomatic relations and even a war. If so, it will be a disaster to China-US relations, mankind and the world. This is an open political conspiracy. The Trump administration is the source of this disaster.