Liu Zhiqin: Politicians who only”fight” but not”reasonable” are taking the United States into a new”mud.”


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Liu Zhiqin: Politicians who only”fight” but not”reasonable” are taking the United States into a new”mud.”


By Liu Zhiqin    Source: YQQLM    Published: 2020-08-24

Editor's Note: The author Zhiqin Liu is a senior researcher at the Chongyang Institute of Finance of Renmin University of China. This article was published on the Observer website on August 23. The original title is”American Politicians Suffer from Political Self Close syndrome”?”.

Looking at the various words and deeds of this administration of the United States, many people have begun to suspect that a few politicians in the United States seem to behave abnormally, with uncertainties that ordinary people cannot predict.

It may be more appropriate for us to diagnose important members of the US government as”political autism.”

Two years ago, we just thought they were “suspected”, but after two years of observation and analysis by the international community, it can be confirmed that these American political elites are indeed suffering”Political Autism”.

The main manifestation of”autism” is that there are three”obstacles”:social communication barriers, communication barriers, and language understanding barriers.

This morbid state also has its own characteristics in terms of emotional control, easy to lose control, sometimes aggressive, like loneliness, and narcissism.

If the various forms and language expressions of politicians in the U.S. government on various occasions are combined and analyzed, it is indeed in line with the main”political autism” Features.

If this is the case, it will not be a blessing for the United States and the world. Because the world today needs order, security and a reassuring political environment too much.

Especially China, with a population of 1.4 billion, will complete the huge project of building a well-off society in all respects and alleviating poverty this year. How to create a”secure” politics The environment, the development of a”safe economy” and the”safe life” of the people are the top priorities for the Chinese government.

Today’s world is becoming more and more disturbed due to the raging epidemic, and many entrepreneurs are also in panic all day long. Many governments are watching the changing epidemic The data is on pins and needles every day. People were originally concerned about the traffic lights of the stock market, and now the epidemic is added, especially this year, unfortunately, to catch up with the election year in the United States. I wonder how many”swans” will fly out, making the world uneasy.

In short, The current international situation is a bit”noisy”, so many unstable factors make”noisy” even more”annoying” and directly affect Confidence in economic recovery and revitalization.

Now it seems that creating a”safe economy” environment is really important for our future development.

On January 14 this year, the author wrote a short article titled”China To Build a”Dual Industry Supply Chain” to Meet New Challenges.” The views therein coincide with the spirit of the later”double cycle”.

The main purpose of the”dual industry supply chain” is to hope that the Chinese industry will make relevant arrangements in advance in order to prevent the changeable policies of the US government . In particular, it is necessary to prevent the unlimited expansion of the U.S.’s complete”decoupling” policy from China’s industries. China’s industry must realize an industrial supply chain with”the United States” and”without the United States”. The risks caused are minimized, and the business strategy of”the East is not bright, the West is bright” is truly realized. This can ensure the sustainable development of China and most markets in the world. It is of special significance to the recovery of the world economy after the epidemic.

Only by establishing this”dual-industry supply chain” structure, we have the basic elements of a”secure economy”, that is, a basically stable market Large-scale, stable and medium-sized consumer groups, as well as productivity that can meet various needs, and a financial supply chain with sufficient funds and security. If such a layout is completed, we may be able to”safely” engage in construction and grasp the economy.

To realize the domestic”secure economy” environment, the main concern is to resolutely not engage in the”slogan economy”, resolutely avoid the”toss the economy” and let The economy develops along its own laws. The big taboo of stable economic development is”disorderly” growth, so we must do everything possible to never let the economy appear”disorderly”, and firmly grasp the focus of development:related to people’s livelihood and people’s well-being The industry must receive priority attention and financial support, because if the people’s livelihood is secured, the country’s society is safe.”The country will prosper, listen to the people.” The basic appeals and demands of the people are the cornerstone of policy formulation.

At present, China has encountered the most special changes in the international situation. A small number of politicians in the U.S. government pursued China vigorously in an attempt to push China back to the state it was a hundred years ago. Chinese enterprises must avoid the passive situation of”struggling to cope”, and must take proactive and multi-point attacks to disperse and resolve the traps and quagmire that the United States has set against China. One of the most robust self-protection measures is to stay away from the”trouble center” America and maintain a safe”social distancing”, which can certainly reduce the negative and negative impacts of US policy changes on Chinese companies. For some time to come, maintaining”isolation” with die-hard anti-China forces in the US government should be one of the smart and necessary measures. When we say”away from the trouble center”, we don’t mean”far away from the US market”, but on the contrary, not only do not stay away from the US market, but to enter the US market deeply, into the hearts of American consumers, and let American society live Feel the existence of China, the temperature of China, and the value of China.

Now there are two”made” in the world that are the most eye-catching, one is”Made in China” and the other is”Made in America.”

These two”manufactures” bring completely different feelings to countries around the world.”Made in China” means”Made in China prosperity”. It is made in China that allows the American consumer society to enjoy a relaxed prosperity, and market supply and market consumption have reached unprecedented heights. Therefore, all countries in the world maintain enthusiasm and welcome to”Made in China” because of the prosperity of”Made in China”.

Made in the United States, especially in recent years, has changed its flavor. Now”Made in America” has become synonymous with”America makes trouble.” Looking at the world now, there are really a lot of”troubles””Made in America”. The South China Sea, the Taiwan Strait, the Korean Peninsula, the countries in the Middle East, and Belarus in Europe, etc., where the United States intervenes, all become”troublesome” points. This really makes the world sigh.

American politicians’ Whether”political autism” can be cured as soon as possible depends entirely on the United States’ own”immunity” and its own perseverance, and of course it cannot do without the help of the international community. However, the”political autism” of a small number of politicians in the US government makes them proud and will not easily accept goodwill help from outside.

There is no future for any country to follow the path of”autism” and”isolation”. The strength of the United States in the past is mainly due to its”open” (although this”open” has too many political goals). Back to”autism and isolation” nowadays is tantamount to a dead end.

The United States, as an economic power in the past, is now affected by the epidemic and a group of politicians who can only”fight” and cannot”reason” dominate the court. Justice has brought the United States into a new”mud” without hesitation.The important officials of the US government are not only unaware of their awakening, but they are still talking about it, thinking about the possible victory of the struggle against China, but they don’t know that it will affect the future of the United States. The crisis is coming quietly, and American politicians don’t even know it.

The author is a senior fellow with the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China.