【CCTV】William Jones: The United States cannot prevent China from moving forward


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【CCTV】William Jones: The United States cannot prevent China from moving forward


Source:CCTV       Published: 2020-09-09

Question: The Trump administration has escalated sanctions against Chinese companies recently, so both Huawei and TikTok have already entered the entity list of the US. And recently, Donald Trump threatened to WeChat which triggered opposition from many American companies. So, what’s your interpretation on this news, and what kind of impact will this have on the America companies?

William Jones: Well, the policy is what we called the technological apartheid. The United States is found itself in the bad subordinate in terms of technology development, 5G, AI, quantum communications. It’s been developed most prominently by China. And instead of doing what any normal country will do, we should get together and do better. But they try to penalize China. And to what’s especially, penalize China with regard to the high-tech industries. But you cannot really keep people from developing if they have the will, they keep ability, and smart to move forward. And already now, we see very few America companies under this pressure from the US government are going to leave China. They want to be there to seek bigger market, they enjoyed I think they treated well, and I think they feel they treated well, they are gonna stay. Cause many America companies, especially in the high-tech field communications, like Silicon Valley, their relationship with China, with Chinese market, with Chinese firms is really the life blood.

Question: In your opinion, the European countries do receive the pressure from the United States?

William Jones: Absolutely, I think Italy who is the memorable member standing with China on “Belt and Road Initiative”, it has been received pressure from the US mostly. Recently, the US said they will force Italy out of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), if Italy cooperates with Huawei or bring Huawei into their communication systems. Instead of fact, the US economy is not very good shape, their military power in the United States which has been used and so called soft power which probably isn’t great, as it has been in earlier years, and to try to convince European countries to bully and pressure that they will take measures against them, if they do not cooperate with the US and participate in the Anti-China campaign. If they continue, it will be very bad for the US and US-China relations. And the policy that the United State at present moment is extremely dangerous. Because by trying to cut that thread, the global network which is just as the basis of America trade prosperity, that will cause the military conflicts, unless it is changed.

Question: So right now apart from COVID-19, the rise of unilateralism has also brought uncertainties to the world economy and service trade. So, in your opinion, how to think the countries around the world to cooperate to promote the economy and trade integration, and what is China’s role in this process?

William Jones: Cause the important role China plays in the world economy, has played and will continue play for some time. And China is one of the first countries to be affected by COVID-19, had also the most brilliant performance. In terms of getting back to work, China is really on the forefront. And the Global Trade in Services Summit is now occurring in Beijing, it’s an example. Something like that will not be happened anywhere else, especially my country, where the problem seems that got more and more out of control. And it will take while for us to recover, requiring some changes in political orientation in the last few months. If we are going to solve problems with economic development, we again get to work together. President Xi proposed the establishment of the “Health Silk Road”, it’s an excellent idea to bring the forces of medicine worldwide from all the countries. If you look at what’s happening in Africa and Latin America now, they do not have the same developed medical systems that existed in China, or in Europe and the United States. Therefore, they need a lot of help from outside in order to get more things moving. And the second part is of course the economic development, people realized that the underdevelopment creates a serious flop in which countries can be totally overrun by diseases and epidemics. And therefore, the notion of development which has been on the forefront of Belt and Road Initiatives is now I think on the forefront people’s agenda. And people here in the US working against this, but their working is really not in step with historical situation, it’s what we say today.

William Jones is the Washington Bureau Chief of Executive Intelligence Review and a non-resident fellow of the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies.

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