Dr. Michael Swaine and Amb. He Yafei on the hope for U.S.-China peace


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 Dr. Michael Swaine and Amb. He Yafei on the hope for U.S.-China peace


Source: JUST WORLD EDUCATIONAL                   Published:2020-10-17

Dr. Michael Swaine:

The U.S. and China are certainly not destined for war. Both sides have ample reason to avoid conflict. Neither views its security as dependent on the destruction or the major weakening of the other side, at least not yet. In other words, neither possesses a genuinely existential threat to the other. Both have nuclear weapons, both are heavily engaged economically with one another and depend on a larger global economic system for their prosperity. So the imperative is to avoid backing one another into a corner with little easy escape and avoid inflating the stakes involved in any one encounter.

Amb. He Yafei:

The U.S. has embarked, I believe, as I see it, on the dangerous road of confrontation with China in recent years, especially in the last two or three years, with military threats, sanctions, economic decoupling, etc., which if it really carried to reality, to be a reality, could lead both countries down the road to this trap, Thucydides trap.. China is fortunately clear-headed enough to refuse to play such a deadly game. I am mindful of what Dr. Swaine has suggested. Neither side should overreact. I agree with that.

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