Amb. He Yafei and Dr. Michael Swaine on the U.S.-China balance in Asia


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 Amb. He Yafei and Dr. Michael Swaine on the U.S.-China balance in Asia


Source: JUST WORLD EDUCATIONAL                   Published:2020-10-17

Amb. He Yafei :

I have to say, the pandemic should have been a good opportunity at the very beginning for U.S.-China to have expanded cooperation and to jump start a worsening bilateral relationship. But what happened, unfortunately, has led a highly precarious battle of geopolitics, using COVID-19 as a battleground that further pushed the bilateral relationship to the brink of the precipice.

Dr. Michael Swaine:

I would say that for most democratic countries, it's certainly not a terribly attractive model for a political system or development. And I'd say its handling of COVID, although I would say better than that of the United States, has nonetheless been somewhat of a mixed picture. So I'd say that while the level of China's hard power has increased notably, its soft power in some ways has diminished in recent years. So in terms of the overall U.S.- China balance, I think China has increased its economic leverage globally relative to the U.S. in part due to its increased capacities and in part due to America's own mistakes, and has definitely increased its economic and military power in the Asia Pacific.And in fact, that is where the shift in balance and power balance counts the most. Both sides need to recognize that neither can nor should dominate Asia and both need to work to reduce misunderstandings and miscalculations.

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