From fighting the epidemic to economic recovery, Xi Jinping’s speech highlights China’s role in a special period


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From fighting the epidemic to economic recovery, Xi Jinping’s speech highlights China’s role in a special period


Source: China News      Published: 2020-11-05

The new crown pneumonia epidemic makes 2020 extremely special.

Under the raging epidemic, China has stood with the world in an open attitude and assumed the responsibility of a great power.

As Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Third China International Import Expo on the evening of the 4th, China is willing to work with other countries to create opportunities in opening up, solve problems in cooperation, and work together to create a better life for mankind. tomorrow!

In an interview with a reporter from China News Agency, many experts said that in the special period of severe global epidemic situation and complex and volatile international environment, the consistent practice of openness has demonstrated China's responsibility.

Joining hands to fight the epidemic is China's responsibility to jointly respond to the global public health crisis.

Xi Jinping said that in order to support countries in the fight against the epidemic, the Chinese people have unreservedly shared their experience with all parties and do their best to provide assistance to the international community. As of October 20, it has provided anti-epidemic assistance to 150 countries and 7 international organizations. , Exported more than 179 billion masks, 1.73 billion protective clothing pieces, and 543 million test kits, demonstrating China’s responsibility.

Jia Jinjing, assistant dean of the Chongyang Institute of Finance of Renmin University of China, said that during the global outbreak, due to insufficient stocks of epidemic prevention materials and the rupture of the supply chain caused by the epidemic, some countries are in short supply of medical supplies. China strongly supports the production of epidemic prevention materials, which not only protects itself Supply, and also extend a helping hand overseas.

In the global war against the epidemic, China has contributed not only materials but also epidemic prevention experience.

In addition, China is a global leader in vaccine research and development, and it has always supported encouraging companies to cooperate with other countries in vaccine research and development.

Taking the lead in the recovery is China's responsibility to help the global economy recover.

Xi Jinping said that China's economy has shown a stable and improving trend, and achieved positive growth in the first three quarters, of which foreign trade increased by 0.7% and actual use of foreign capital increased by 5.2%, which played a positive role in promoting the recovery of the world economy.

The latest forecast by the International Monetary Fund says that China will be the only country in the world's major economies that will maintain positive growth this year.

Zhang Jianping, director of the Regional Economic Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Commerce, said bluntly that in the context of the global economic recession, China's outstanding economy can improve market expectations in terms of stabilizing global economic growth.

He pointed out that China is committed to meeting the needs of the large domestic market through platforms such as the China International Import Expo. At the same time, it has a huge boost to the global economy. Each additional order can provide employment, taxation and growth momentum to trading partners.

Dong Yan, director of the International Trade Research Office of the Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that under the negative impact of the epidemic, China's economy has become more resistant to risks, and foreign capital and foreign trade have stabilized after the decline at the beginning of the year. Recovery, which provides better space and opportunities for global economic recovery.

"Whether it was the past Asian financial crisis, the global financial crisis or the European debt crisis, China's economy can create better conditions for the global economic recovery through its own stable development every time of crisis, and bring obvious spillover effects." Yan said.

Comprehensively expanding opening up is China's responsibility to promote the construction of an open world economy.

In order to make the Chinese market a world market, a shared market, and a market for everyone, Xi Jinping proposed four measures to build a new highland of opening up, promote innovative development of foreign trade, continue to optimize the business environment, and deepen bilateral, multilateral, and regional cooperation.

The spread of the new crown epidemic has intensified the trend of anti-globalization, and populism and protectionism have risen accordingly.

Zhang Jianping stated that in such a special period, China’s opening-up measures are actually a new round of reform and opening up to promote the cooperation goals of economic globalization and regional economic integration. Compared with the past opening-up measures, whether in terms of institutional mechanisms , Laws and regulations, or bilateral and multilateral cooperation with foreign countries, are moving towards a higher level of opening up.

Dongyan believes that the current protectionism has led to the retreat of some industrial chains, and China must use independent and institutional openness to build a structure that is more conducive to attracting foreign investment, promoting the flow of factors, and cultivating good business. As the soil for environmental development, China's opening up is based on its own development that will benefit the global economic governance system and the world economy.

Jia Jinjing: assistant dean of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China

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