Davos Summit: Can the world achieve a green recovery?


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Davos Summit: Can the world achieve a green recovery?


Source: CGTN    Published: 2021-01-27

The Davos Summit takes place this year against the backdrop of a crisis that has ruined livelihoods and widened inequalities globally. The environment has been a key focus, from decarbonizing supply chains to delivering a green carbon market. This year's event aims to promote a robust, green recovery for the world. Sweeping lockdowns caused global emissions to drop last year. Will economic recovery and an easing of restrictions later this year lead to emissions bouncing back?

Professor Jeffrey Towson, the host of Jeff's Asia Tech Class, thinks that economic recovery is a top priority for many countries, but whether it is sustainable or not may not be major concern. He mentioned that leadership plays a dominating role, maybe too much sometimes, which can be frustrating.

"I think certain countries can definitely do this (green recovery), and I think certain countries I wouldn't necessarily think they can based on the last six months," Towson said.

Meanwhile, Towson pointed out that Asian countries have better managed the issues related to the pandemic and green recovery.

"Asia has operated those issues quite well in the last six months in responding to something really unprecedented," he said. "Singapore was particularly good, Japan was good, China was good, South Korea was good, Asia has a lot to sort of pat themselves on the back as much as you should this time."

On the other hand, David S. Aikman, the Chief China Representative Officer of World Economic Forum, holds a positive attitude towards the world green recovery. He thinks there are tremendous opportunities in nature-based business and companies worldwide are moving in that direction.

"We just released our New Nature Economy Report, and in it we estimated that if we focus on a green recovery, we could have 395 million new jobs and over 10 trillion in GDP by focusing on this kind of nature-based business," he said.

Green recovery also requires global cooperation. The U.S. is expected to renew its green credentials under President Biden, whose special climate envoy, John Kerry, is expected to make a statement during the summit.

Liu Zhiqin, a senior fellow from Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies of Renmin University of China, thinks the green recovery could be a chance for China-U.S. cooperation.

"There are many ways for China and the U.S. to cooperate, because the environmental challenges like the air pollution and water pollution also have limitations of production," said Liu.

Liu said China has a lot to learn from Western countries, especially the technologies of the U.S. He also emphasized that the U.S. and European countries should have an equal attitude toward Chinese companies.

"That's why we need cooperation and inclusiveness," said Liu.

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Liu Zhiqin is a senior fellow with the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China.

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