Wang Wen: UK's revocation of CGTN license is ridiculous


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Wang Wen: UK's revocation of CGTN license is ridiculous


Source: YouTube    Published: 2021-2-4

Editor's Note: On February 4, Ofcom revoked the license of CGTN to broadcast in the UK. In response to this, Wang Wen, executive dean of the Chongyang Institute of Finance at Renmin University of China (RDCY), said in a live interview on Russian TV Today (RT) that the withdrawal of CGTN is against the principles of free press and the rule of law.

Host: OK, well. Let’s going to China now. We can talk with Professor Wangwen - He is from Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies and we appreciate you coming on. What’s your assessment that happen today and what OFCOM had said?

Wang Wen: Yes, hi! I think it is a very big mistake for Ofcom to revoke the license of CGTN to broadcast in the UK. This is not the first time that the British authorities have made a wrong decision in recent years. The British reason is that CGTN's report on Hong Kong related issues. I think it was ridiculous.

First of all, CGTN 's report on the Hong Kong issue is based on facts. Even if the UK does not agree, the withdrawal of CGTN is also against the principles of free press and the rule of law.

In terms of my understanding, this is a political decision and a manifestation of the politicization of news issues. This will be a huge impact on the image of Britain in the eyes of the Chinese people. And Ofcom should withdraw such a decision. If it is not abolished, it will inevitably lead to the Chinese government's equal reaction.

Host: OK, we come on to at that moment just picking further what Ofcom he said it hasn't actually criticized CGTN and for what it’s broadcast. It's all about its ownership. And did say that it raised these concerns with the company before, but obviously nothing is being done.

Wang Wen: I think that it's not a very good thing. As we knew, the US is tightening foreign media, and so is the UK now. So it’s reflects the decline of modern Western civilization. So I have many friends in the UK they are understand China and support China’s development. But on the other hand, there are also many British people who are anxious about China's rise. They also fantasize about the glory of the British Empire, and about being able to manipulate China and have a strong prejudice against China. I think it’s very wrong. I urge that the Britain government to reflect it.

Host: Do you think there’s a chance that could happen? I mean assuming. I don’t know. But I assuming there be some sort of peeled.

Wang Wen: Yes, I think as we all know that everything every event has many aspects. And now the revocation of the foreign media by the US and British authorities is a sign of their loss of confidence and even their weakness. They only want their society and people to listen to one voice. It is to my honest undoubtedly due to the brainwashing of the people. This is the retreat of modern civilization, which has hurt modern civilization. Every citizen has the right to hear all kinds of voices. To my honest, i have to tell you that now in China, we can often hear the news from BBC and CNN, but in the United States and Britain, it is very difficult to hear the voice of Chinese media. This is why many people in the United States and Britain do not understand and misunderstand China. It's very unfair.

Host: Yeah, I’m really interested in take your views but we’re  gonna have to leave it there. But thank you very much for your time this afternoon. I was talk to Wangwen - He is from the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies in China, Thanks!

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