Djoomart Otorbaev: We are friends of China, and Xinjiang development is very unique.


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Djoomart Otorbaev: We are friends of China, and Xinjiang development is very unique.


This video is based on an International Forum hosted by China Public Diplomacy Association. The actual forum took place in Guli’s House, Kashgar, Xinjiang, on 20 May 2021.

Thank you very much for introduction and ladies and gentlemen, distinguish guests.

It's a pleasure to be with you though of line, not offline, but online, I would be really love to be with my good friend Wu Hailong, to be in nice city of Kashgar which is just 400 hundred kilometers from the place where I'm sitting now in my apartment flat.

So maybe next time, hopefully I will be joining you and enjoy as well as the visit of the nice province the most western northwestern province of China, but also to be part of the kind of enjoying of what do you see.

I actually started to visit Xinjiang from early 2000.

At that time I already was in my government, and we established very good business relationship with the province, at that time we built first time in the modern history two highways which link Xinjiang with my country and from that time our relationship is developing very fast, very quickly.

So I know Xinjiang relatively very well whenever I fly to China and to Beijing, to Guangzhou, to Shenzhen, whatever, I always  fly to Wulumuqi which has excellent airport, excellent infrastructure, the biggest airport in Central Asia, if you look to other 5-6 countries, which is more than Central Asia.

And then I am observing what's happening in Wulumuqi where often I try to stop for one and maybe half a day to look around and every time I really got positive impression.

How Wulumuqi is developing definitely and Xinjiang province is one of the most quickly developed parts of the China, even with impressive growth of all of Chinese state.

Xinjiang development is very unique.

I just listening, hearing, reading, whatever, fight the Western media and politicians made around Xinjiang.

I just want to offer just to visit the excellent province what's really happening.

So, my piece of advice as friends of China would be to get more people to in your country, to your province. More tourists, more sportsmen, more teachers, more scientists, more businessmen from all around the world should visit and see with their own eyes what's going on over there.

My friend Wu Hailong already told that there is no unemployment, and there are huge investments to infrastructure, to jobs creation, to the top education on the situations, it had more jobs, more education, more infrastructure required the Xinjiang province would reach the level of the coastal area of mainland China.

It's not easy to develop business in landlocked province, very little people, just a couple of percent of people living landlocked areas.

It's not like in sea because trade is quite expensive.

This is why we know it from Central Asia, because we are landlocked as well.

But the Belt and Road initiative, which was initiated by President Xi Jinping in 2013, start to unlock not only landlocked regions of outside world, but also to unlock landlocked province of China.

In that respect, I want to demonstrate just one example which I named as Eurasian Railroad Revolution. What does it mean?

10 years ago, first train departed from Chongqing to Duisburg.

At that time, experiment was considered by many as a joke.

But now incredible thing is happening. Every hour train departing from China and going through central of Asia through Xinjiang to Europe.

Every two hours another train coming to China, about half of the traffic move not only through Tanzania railroad to Russia, but half of the trains move through Kazakhstan to Europe.

And what incredible is that within a couple of years, as Chinese government decided, the total traffic must be increased 4-5 times.

So the more trains, more goods moving from China to Europe and West and that is where we see development of Central Asia where Xinjiang province will be a very important part of this trade.

I believe that Great Silk Rroad, which is developing currently with all kinds of investments and all kinds of interest, will again bring another impetus to development of Xinjiang province.

We are friends of China. I believe all of us here have to give her best piece of advice what to do in Xinjiang even better.

So in my view, much more jobs, high qualified jobs, better, much better universities,more scientists, more think tanks, should bring to Xinjiang that it will be one of the most advanced regions of China.

And because I say it because out of development, if Xinjiang, my region of Central Asia will be developing as well.

So, important that you will continue Mr. Wu Hailong this kind of ideas to bring more people, to show more places, to create more contacts between people that those bad messages will be disappearing, because people will see by their own eyes what happening.

Exactly, like people, tourists or business people, others which visiting cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen, just shocked by the things which what they saw, because they are reading in their own countries not necessarily what they seeing it in China.

The same things I would suggest should be done in Xinjiang and then this problem will be disappearing and the truth will be overwhelmingly win over the false.

I wish to our conference, which is an excellent idea and excellent results.

Let's continue this type of gathering, let's  this type of exchanging exchanging and I wish to my neighboring all the best and big prosperity.

Thank you.

Djoomart Otorbaev is the former prime minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, non-resident senior fellow of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China(RDCY).

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