Wang Wen Congratulates on John Ross's new book


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Wang Wen Congratulates on John Ross's new book


Congratulations to John Ross for his new book, and again to Mr. John Ross for his work for Chongyang Institute, Renmin University of China for many years.

As executive dean, I am proud to have colleagues like John. Mr. John Ross was the first former Western high official to work full-time in Chinese think tanks. In the past eight years, he has not only made important contributions to Chongyang Institute, but also made important contributions to China's development and China's exchanges with the world. Now John is a well-known scholar in China with more than two million fans in the new media, including many Chinese policymakers. His articles often have millions of readers.

In this book, he recounts Chinese stories from a unique perspective of westerners and with a professional understanding of China, many of which I have read. I agree with John that China's road has learned from the experience and lessons of the west, and also fully demonstrates China's unique wisdom and strength. China needs more scholars like John Ross to explore the road and future again.

Congratulations again to Mr. John Ross.