RDCY stands strong on several lists, according to the latest Report on the Influence of China's Think Tanks


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RDCY stands strong on several lists, according to the latest Report on the Influence of China's Think Tanks


On June 2, 2021, the Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences and Documentation and Information Center, Chinese Academy of Chengdu, jointly released the Report on the Influence of China's Think Tanks (2020). 2020 marks the sixth year that the report, an influential think tank ranking in China, has been released nationwide. Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China (RDCY) was included in several report lists and was highlighted as a key think tank for focused analysis.

Using an evaluation model combining subjective and objective data, the report analyzes the structural characteristics of nearly 500 national, local, university, social, and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan think tanks from five perspectives of decision-making, public opinion, society, professionalism, and international influence. Eventually, the report identifies the think tanks with outstanding influence in 2019, in which RDCY was selected as a university think tank.

The report outlines ten hot topics in 2019 and analyzes think tanks and experts who contributed highly to these issues. 2019's top 10 topics in China are "New Era", "Big Data", "Internet Plus", "Rural Revitalization", "High-quality Development", "The Belt and Road Initiative", "Targeted Poverty Alleviation", "Reform and Opening-up", "Artificial Intelligence" and "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics". Regarding "The Belt and Road Initiative" topic, RDCY was selected as a think tank with high contribution, which published more documents and included more renowned sources. RDCY's Executive Dean Wang Wen was selected as a scholar with significant contributions to this topic.

The report analyzes the research topics and experts of the key think tanks in 2019, summarizes the important characteristics of the key think tanks, and selects ten representative think tanks for key analysis. RDCY is one of the think tanks to be analyzed. RDCY operates research centers such as Global Governance Research Center, China-US People-to-People Exchange Research Center, China-Russia People-to-People Exchange Research Center, etc. RDCY covers research areas on "Global Governance", "The Belt and Road Initiative", "Reform and Opening-up", "High-quality Development, "Green Finance", "Sino-US Trade Friction", "Connectivity", "Climate Change", "Rural Revitalization" and other fields. Several significant events have been held, focusing on key talking points of national development.

The report includes a special study of international relations think tanks. It analyzes the domestic think tanks that are at the forefront of research prowess and comprehensive influence when it comes to the field of international relations. RDCY was selected for its leading position in the field of public diplomacy. RDCY is closely following the hot spots of current affairs, launching columns such as "Today's Viewpoint", "Today's Focus", "Video on Demand", "From the Outset," and "Bright Path", inviting experts to explain current affairs and analyze trends in a timely and accurate manner. These columns served as channels to promote mutual understanding between China and the rest of the world.

As a new type of think tank with Chinese characteristics, RDCY invited dozens of former politicians, bankers, and renowned scholars from all over the world as senior fellows, focusing on reality, advising the country, and serving the people. In recent years, RDCY has gained high recognition at home and abroad in the research fields of financial development, global governance, great power relations, and macro policies.