Conclusion at The Past 100 Years: China, the West and the World Online International Forum


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Conclusion at The Past 100 Years: China, the West and the World Online International Forum


Wang Wen, Executive Dean of RDCY delivered the conclusion at The Past 100 Years: China, the West and the World Online International Forum on 21 July.


My colleague told me that today, more than 300,000 global audiences are listening to our discussion online, not only in Chinese Weibo ,Toutiao, but also in YouTube,which shows that today this is a very important topic.

I totally agree with Martin and John, that China's economic influence is far greater than that of the Soviet Union. If there is a new Cold War between China and the United States, the damage to the world will also be much bigger than that of the Cold War. So, that’s why I say "No Cold War" becomes much more important.

The problem now is how to make the world understand the Communist Party of China,and not regard it as a demon.I think Ms. Liu Xin did very well,right bow introduced a very good story of the Communist Party of China. Like Zeng's story.I think in China, there are many such stories in China, like Zeng. I remember once, on a forum in the United States, an American friend openly asked me, are you a Party member? I said yes. And he asked again, What are Party members? So I answered, first of all, I answered, Party members should devote themselves to serving the people,and have higher self-requirements. So, I believe that as Liu Xin said, most members of the Communist Party of China share this belief. As we all know, China has over 90 million Party members, which is an important reason for China's progress in the past many decades.

Now the question is, as Vijay said, why did the poor countries get poorer and the rich get richer in the past half century? We need to reflect. What we need now is not the new Cold War, but learning from each other and making progress together. From this perspective, the world underestimates China's experience and distorts the experience of the Communist Party of China.

As Margaret have said right now, the United States is not willing to recognize China's progress,and treat the Communist Party of China in a normal way. This is the key I think. So, I agree with Prof. Desai that we need push the South-South cooperation, and we need much more mutual trust and cooperation. I think America's suppression of China is not democracy vs autocracy, not freedom vs dictatorship, but the difference between retrogression vs progress, stop vs hope, bad governance vs good governance. I think more importantly, as Professor Yury said, human beings need to have more progress in thinking. I also agree with Jaya that we need to absorb the past experience.

Finally, I have three sentences to say.

First, thank you again for your friendly and objective understanding of China. Second, I hope we can have more dialogues in the future, to sum up the lessons and experiences of the past of the world. Last but not least, let's make more efforts for world peace and development.

That’s all, John, thank you again.

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