Yury Tavrovsky: "Political virus" are equally harmful with COVID-19 virus


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Yury Tavrovsky: "Political virus" are equally harmful with COVID-19 virus



Wang Guan: Talking about the Delta variant of COVID-19, it is fast spreading from Oceania, to Americas, from Asia, to Europe. How do you see this variant impacting our social and economic life, and perhaps even in the longer run, geopolitics?


Yury Tavrovsky: I think this COVID-19 is here to stay for many years with many variants. No country is safe, and no great wall is impenetrable. Those who politicized the problem, instead of joining hands in helping their own people and people of the third world are criminals.


But let's face it. The coronavirus has become one more geopolitical division line between west and east. The vaccine war will continue. World connectivity will suffer. International trade and tourism will suffer. Humanitarian contacts will be severed.


Wang Guan: You once said that the political virus caused by COVID-19 ideological prejudice and double standards is more dangerous than COVID-19 itself. Do you see the things are getting worse with the spreading of the Delta variant and also the continuous development of China and rise of China?

王冠:你曾经说过: “由意识形态偏见和双重标准构成的政治病毒比新冠肺炎病毒本身更危险”。你是否认为,随着德尔塔变异株的传播以及中国的不断发展和崛起,这种现象会愈演愈烈?

Yury Tavrovsky: The Delta variant is spreading. China suffers and Russia suffers. But still, I think that both "political virus" and the virus itself are equally harmful, are equally important. And I don't know actually what should be done. But Moscow and Beijing could do more, much more to stop the Delta variant. I think our scientists are the best in the world. And we need more cooperation. And also in the mass media domain, in international politics domain, we also could and should be more active and help each other.

尤里·塔夫罗夫斯基:德尔塔变异株正在蔓延,中国和俄罗斯都受其影响。我仍然认为 “政治病毒”与病毒本身,同样有害且同样值得重视。然而我也没有什么好的办法。中俄两国政府需要进一步采取措施严控德尔塔变异株的传播。我认为中俄两国拥有世界上最优秀的科学家。此外,我们还需要加强在大众传播领域和国际政治领域的合作。中俄两国能够也应该变得更加活跃,并且相互帮助。

Wang Guan: How do you look at this new investigation into the origin of COVID-19, particularly probing a potential lab-leak theory that was pursued by the Biden administration in the United States. And right now, the U.S. is obviously pressuring international organizations such as the WHO to do the same. Why is it now and why is it happening?


Yury Tavrovsky: I think it is a sort of counterattack to Chinese success of this year, I mean the 100th anniversary of the CPC, and this medium-affluent society, and doubling of GDP, and in general, Chinese success in controlling the virus. The Biden administration now continues President Trump's administration's cold war against China. And this Delta variant hysteria is one front of this cold war.

尤里·塔夫罗夫斯基:我认为这是一种反攻,是对中国今年展示出的成就的一种对抗。我指的是中国共产党建党100周年,全面建成小康社会 GDP总量翻一番以及中国在防疫领域取得的成功。拜登政府延续了特朗普任期时的对华冷战政策,而德尔塔变异株所引发的这种歇斯底里情绪正是这场冷战的一种表现。

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