Wang Wen RT Interview: US is the NO. 1 Failure country in the world in fighting against the pandemic


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Wang Wen RT Interview: US is the NO. 1 Failure country in the world in fighting against the pandemic


Source: RT    Published: 2021-08-29

1.Beijing is clearly upset by this study into the origins of the pandemic - is it right to be? - but it's a legitimate question, isn't it - to ask about the source of the outbreak?

Well, China supports pandemic tracing very much. China is the first country in the world to open its borders to be traced. At the beginning of this year, China invited a joint expert group arranged by the World Health Organization to trace the origin in China and reached an internationally recognized conclusion, that it could not come from the lab or Wuhan. Actually, the Chinese people are very concerned about the origin of the pandemic, but this is a very complicated scientific problem. We need world scientists to do it, not American intelligence. And we need many countries to trace the origin, such as the US. As you may know, in China, more than 25 million netizens signed and called for the investigation of the Fort Detrick base in the US as well as 200 overseas biological bases of US.

2.  Why is the United States so keen to determine the origins? If the origin is established, does that info have a purely scientific use?

This is a very typical American political operation of shirking responsibility. The purpose is to shift vision and avoid criticising the United States from international community. Three weeks ago, my think tank launched a research report, which proved with objective data that the United States is the NO. 1 Failure country in the world in fighting against the pandemic. The United States has the largest number of infection cases and deaths, which is a great human tragedy. But in the United States, almost no high-ranking officials have been held accountable for this, and few officials have resigned because of the failure. American politicians are irresponsible. Now it is time to trace the responsibility of American politicians.

3.  The U.S. accuses China of not being transparent on the issue... is the U.S., for it's part, being fully co-operative with Beijing?  

It is ridiculous to accuse China of not being transparent. China shared the pandemic information to the United States as well as the world in the first week of 2020. China has been sharing the virus gene sequence group and vaccine to the world. In China, you can know all the information about viruses through mobile phones. But how about the United States, is it transparent? No, we all knew, the information in U.S is very chaotic. China has always advocated cooperation, but the United States is unwilling to cooperate with China. On the contrary, US continues to use political method to deal with the pandemic, which eventually led to huge failure.

4.  Could this inter-state tussle over Covid's origins escalate?

First of all, China does not want COVID-19's origin tussle any longer. Global cooperation is needed now. China is the country that exports the most masks and vaccines. Virus is the common enemy of mankind. For all Chinese people, including every official, I promise, all the people hope to stop all political operations, promote international cooperation and tide over the crisis as soon as possible.

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