Ding Gang: US foreign policy driven by military-industrial complex


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Ding Gang: US foreign policy driven by military-industrial complex


Source: Morning Star    Published: 2021-09-23

WASHINGTON’S foreign policy is driven by the US industrial-military complex, a leading Chinese commentator said today, warning of an impending arms race triggered by a recent security pact.  

The deal between Britain, the United States and Australia, known by the acronym Aukus, will undermine efforts to turn the Asia-Pacific region into a nuclear-free zone, Ding Gang wrote in the Global Times newspaper.

Mr Ding, a senior fellow at the Chongyang institute for financial studies, part of the Renmin University of China, said that sale of nuclear-powered submarines “may intensify the arms race,” echoing fears raised by countries in the region including China and North Korea.

But he said that the sale of such military hardware would be welcomed by US arms dealers, the main beneficiaries of any arms race.

“Wherever there are arms competitions in any parts of the world, more US weapons will be purchased,” Mr Ding argued.

“The arms industry directly serves the military. And the military of the [US] empire is not only for the maintenance of defence, but also for the purpose of expansion and conquest of the world. Meanwhile, such industries in the US have absolute advantages.”

Military production accounts for an estimated 60 per cent of the total US manufacturing and is crucial to the survival of the sector.

US arms exports increased by 2.8 per cent last year to a total value of $175 billion (£128bn), according to official statistics. US companies account for 59 per cent of the deadly global trade.

This, Mr Ding argues, is the driving force behind Washington’s foreign policy, through which it seeks to create tensions or intervene directly.

“There are times when you really don’t know whether it’s Washington or the US arms dealers who are making the decisions,” he said.

Under President Joe Biden, Washington has ratcheted up hostilities towards China as it fears a decline in the use of the dollar as a world currency, which would lessen its ability to control global financial markets.

A new poll released by the European Council on Foreign Relations on Wednesday revealed that a majority of citizens of European Union countries believe that the US is leading a new cold war against Russia and China.

Beijing has consistently warned the US against threats and violations of its sovereignty, urging Washington to strengthen bilateral relations between the two nations instead.

Speaking at the United Nations general assembly on Wednesday, President Xi Jinping said that the people of all countries have a right to enjoy democracy.

“Military intervention from the outside and so-called democratic transformation entail nothing but harm,” he added.

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