NHK Japan: Chinese think tank slams 'American democracy'


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NHK Japan: Chinese think tank slams 'American democracy'


Source: NHK Japan    Published: 2021-12-07


A Chinese think tank has published a report that criticizes American democracy.

The paper entitled 'Ten Questions for American Democracy' was released by the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China on Monday.

The research report raises questions about American democracy, including whether it will promote unity or lead to division.

Instead of promoting unity, the paper says democracy is leading to social disorder within the United States, while inciting chaos in other nations where the US "exports" democracy.

Liu Yuanchun, vice president of Renmin University, criticized the United States for fostering division around the world through its ideologies at a time when mankind is in need of unity.

He added many nations are frustrated by the US.

A day earlier, the Chinese government released a similar report called "The State of Democracy in the United States."

It invited participants from more than 120 countries and regions to a forum held on the theme of democracy in which it claimed China created its own model of democracy.

The moves come ahead of the two-day online "Summit for Democracy" to be hosted by US President Joe Biden that kicks off on Thursday. Invitations have been extended to some 110 countries and territories but not to China.

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